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Aston Duncan—Tarawera 102km Ultra 2018

Through my years of experience and education, I am very knowledgeable on all aspects of running and coaching. Taking me on board as your full time personal coach and daily mentor will enable you to reach your full potential as a runner. I am a strong believer in building positive, educational and healthy training environments that allows athletes to grow their personal awareness and become more engaged with the process of improvement. My positive emotional energy and passion for running, combined with sharing of valuable information, provides the strength behind maintaining motivation and clear direction in runners achieving their goals.

With access to the closed Facebook Group – The Running Guy Squad – members can contribute to posts and discussions and view member-only training related videos. You can ask questions and engage in discussions with squad members and myself, which enables you to evolve into a more complete runner. It allows you the opportunity to communicate with me directly as often as needed so that we can work together to refine your running program. This program will work equally well regardless of your location – interstate or overseas.

Squad membership cost is $369 AUD per month – approximately $12 per day – invoiced during the last week of each month and paid one month in advance.

Members will receive 30% discount off Training Camp Package Cost.

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