Hi, my name is Aston – I have over 30 years of running experience, and over this time I have been able to gain valuable knowledge on other factors which impact on our performance. I want to share this information with other runners, including

– the quality of food we eat

– hours we sleep

– work and lifestyle stress and

– the direction of our thought patterns

These all play a pivotal role in how our bodies can absorb training loads. It’s important that our training is monitored and adjusted to suit our lifestyle demands, to allow for recovery and growth, which leads to us evolving into stronger and healthier runners.

I gave birth to theĀ The Running Guy as I became aware of the large number of runners who aren’t receiving enough knowledgeable support and guidance to help manage load and stress whilst executing their written training programs. There is also lack of understanding around the importance of allowing the body to recover between each session – this is just as important as the training session itself when predicting performance. Training the body applies load and stress, which stimulates growth and adaptation – when combined with correct recovery, it allows the athlete to maintain consistency and improve on their performances in the short and long term.

Regular communication is key! To maintain strong consistent growth and motivation in your program, I will monitor and manage adjustments as required. This is crucial in maintaining the program structure so that we achieve the desired results. This furthermore allows me to assist and guide you on your journey, and really dial in and learn how you are responding to the training program in order to maximise your growth, motivation, health and performance.

So it’s time to lace up and Contact Us to join the The Running Guy crew today.

Aston Duncan competing in the 2018 Tarawera Ultra Marathon
Aston Duncan – Coach


  • Cert III Gym Instructor
  • Cert IV Master Personal Trainer
  • Registered with Fitness Australia since 2008
  • Accredited Recreational Run Coach with Athletics Australia since 2010
  • Owner and Trainer of Forward Fitness Personal Training since 2010 – Canberra, Australia

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