Running Training Programs —Road and Trail

Training program structure

All of the runnning training programs are built with the structure of introducing duration and intensity progressively within the correct time frame. This enables the runner to continually improve as it allows the body time to recover, adapt and grow stronger and maintain motivation and consistency, which are the biggest fundamentals to improved performance.

10 week middle distance training and racing programs 5k-21k


A running training program suited for beginners tackling their first fun run, experienced runners increasing their distance or the seasoned athlete who would benefit from structure and guidance to improve and chase down that elusive personal best. The 10 week running training programs can be used on a continuing format, with each 10 week training block leading into the next with short and long term goals and races built in, or as a 10 week running training program leading into race day to make sure you’re prepped and race ready.

20 week road marathon and trail racing running programs


A 20 week race program that is specifically designed to get you in the best possible condition for the BIG day. 20 weeks allows for the necessary time needed to introduce varied training stimulus and load progression dependent on your running history, yet still allow time to freshen and sharpen up for race day. This training program is for runners looking to challenge themselves over the testing 42.2km marathon road discipline or the trail runner wanting to go long in the mountains.

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